Lewis and Clark Trail on the Air acknowledges and appreciates all the volunteers that helped in organizing this event. This includes all the clubs that organized activators to call CQ in each of the 16 states associated with the trail.

The participating clubs are listed on the LCTOTA homepage and are represented in each medallion on the recognition certificates.

The committee appreciates the support of the Board of Directors and Officers of the Clark County Amateur Radio Club (of Washington) in sponsoring this event.

The LCTOTA Committee

  • Tim Kuhlman KD7RUS: Co-Chair, Founder
  • Marilyn Melhorn AF7MM: Co-Chair, Founder
  • Jason Dinsmore K7BPM: Webmaster
  • Greg Shuster KI7DTS: Certificates and LCTOTA Theme and Artwork
  • Bernd Peters KB7AK: W7AIA Coordinator and Logging Advisor
  • Charles Boling AD7UF: Email Systems
  • Wayne Schuler AI9Q: Senior Advisor, Quality Control
  • Rick Smith KT7G: Senior Advisor

Special thanks to the Route 66 and 13 Colonies special event coordinators that provided us advice as the committee planned for this event.