Lewis and Clark Trail on the Air

  • The 2024 Lewis and Clark Trail on the Air event has been completed. Thank you to all the Activators calling CQ and all the Hunters that participated.
  • We are asking all activators to have their logs submitted no later than July 5th. However, logs can be corrected through July 30th. Only the Activating station can correct a log entry.
  • Certificates will start to be processed and emailed July 7th. Paper certificates will be printed in one batch on Aug 9th with mailing targeted for Aug 23rd.
The Lewis and Clark Trail on the Air special event is an on air activity that commemorates the historic Lewis and Clark Trail. The trail covers 4900 miles through 16 states. This includes the disembarkation from Camp Dubois and what is referred to as the Eastern Legacy. The event is sponsored by the Clark County Amateur Radio Club with support and participation from clubs in all 16 states along the historic trail.
Event Summary

Date: June 1st, 2024 to June 16th, 2024 (May 31st, 5pm Pacific - June 16th, 5pm Pacific)

Time Start: 0000 UTC

Time Ends: 2400 UTC

Operating Hours: 24 hrs/day for duration of the event

Simple Rules: Contact one club in each of the 16 states on the historic Lewis and Clark Trail. Operating modes include SSB Phone, FM Phone, CW, and FT8/FT4. Any combination of modes towards working all 16 states is allowed. A schedule for planned operations for each state will be posted on this web site.

Certificate: Certificates can be requested for two classes of participation:

  • Expedition Partner Certificate: Any station working all 16 states is eligible for the Expedition Partner Certificate. Example
  • Trail Companion Certificate: Any station working 1-15 states is eligible for a Trail Companion Certificate. Example
Participants making contact with activating stations from one or more states will be able to purchase a certificate after the event. Certificates can be delivered either as an emailed PDF, or printed on high-quality paper and shipped. If you purchase a paper certificate, we will also send you the PDF version. Certificates will be available for purchase through July 31, 2024 via the Certificates page. PDF's will be emailed starting July 31st. Printed certificates will be mailed on September 19th.

On the Air Exchange: The on-air exchange will include call sign and state for CW and Phone. FT8/FT4 will be the standard exchange: call-sign, signal report, and grid square.

Logs: Only the activating stations in each of the 16 states along the trail will submit logs. Logs are not required from hunting stations. However, it is courteous to submit your personal log to Logbook of the World or other logging entity. Please submit your request for a certificate by July 31st of the activation year.

History: 2022 was the inaugural event for this activity.

Information: For more information, please send us a message at info@lctota.org.

2024 Participating Clubs